This page gets regularly updated with animals for sale and also animals wanted.

Animals For Sale

19 May, 2018 - Gordon Fisher, Inverness-shire, contact will have for sale in October:

Renwick Renoir, grey bull, DOB 21/6/2014, Sire St. Trinians Masse Kos, dam Renwick Tweedldee. Very quiet and easy to manage. Photos can be seen in Semen Store on the home page.

5 May, 2018 - Julia Lewis, Aberdeenshire has the following for sale. Contact: and 07786 310026

Auchlethen Gretel, mainly black heifer, DOB 12/3/2017. Sire Glachbeg The Laird, dam Trondra Maya.
Auchlethen Flora, mainly black heifer, DOB 21/12/2016. Sire Glachbeg The Laird, dam Trondra Daala.

5 May, 2018 - Steph Ede has the following for sale, in Derbyshire. Contact: or phone 07971 479268: 

Hollington Lancelot, smart black bull, DOB 20/4/2017, HB 17-7652. Sire Challenger Artemis, dam Hollington Fern.
If anyone in Scotland is interested Steph is shipping cattle north to Dingwall at the end of July and he could be sent up with them.

3 May, 2018 - John Ramsay has the following for sale, in Aberdeenshire. Contact or 07742 572796

  • Balearn Helen, grey cow, sire Collafirth Viking, DOB 24/6/2014, HB 14-7025, in calf to dun bull Ocraquoy Haldor. Quiet, well-handled.
  • Balearn Morag, red and white cow, DOB 4/7/2011, HB 11-6346, in calf to Carn Bhren Isak. Quiet.
  • Trondra Langa, black cow, DOB 16/3/2007, HB 07-5437, Sire Islesburgh Alf, in calf to Carn Bhren Isak. Very quiet.
  • Carn Bhren Maria Callas, black cow, DOB 13/4/2009, HB 09-5939, in calf to Carn Bhren Isak. Quiet.
  • Carn Bhren Isak, black bull, DOB 10/6/2014, HB 14-6865, good-looking, smaller, traditional type of bull. Very quiet.
  • Three 2017 heifer calves - Balearn Beany, mainly black, dam Carn Bhren Maria Callas, sire Carn Bhren Isak, Balearn Cookie, mainly black, dam Trondra Langa, sire Carn Bhren Isak, Balearn Rose, red and white, dam Balearn Morag, sire Carn Bhren Isak. 
Carn Bhren Isak
Balearn heifer, sire Carn Bhren Isak, dam Balearn Morag

Animals Wanted

No animals currently wanted.