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Animals For Sale

16 September, 2021 - Philip Martin, Beaworthy, Devon. Contact 

Painshill Georgie Porgy, red bull, DOB 27/3/2019, HB 19-8101. Sire Oxmoor Don Carr, dam Painshill Bo Peep. 
He has done two seasons with us and it's time to move on. He has won two rosettes in the two online shows, this year runner up in the mature bull class.

14 September, 2021 - Mary Knibbs, Barby, Warwickshire. Contact or phone 07977 120486.

Rowland Montrose, black and white bull.  DOB 31/03/2020.  HB:  20-8350.  Sire Broadacres Bruce, dam Rowland Izzy.  Recommended in the latest Breed Analysis Report by Lawrence Alderson as having a good balance of lines.  He is nice and quiet like his sire, his dam is a quiet cow who is very milky.

Rowland Montrose
Broadacres Bruce
Rowland Izzy

8 September, 2021 - John Maxwell, Applecross, Scotland. Contact or phone 01520 755378.

Ustaness Clett, mainly black heifer, DOB 20/5/2020, HB 20-8368, Sire Littlester Laurence, dam Ustaness Rette.

28 August, 2021 - Gavin Parsons, Camuscross, Isle of Ornsay, Isle of Skye. Contact or 01471 833274.

Camuscross Rob Roy, Red and white bull calf, DOB 10 March 2021, HB 21-8616, sire Boquhapple Kelvingrove, dam Camuscross Stearnag
Camuscross Finn, White with black bull calf, DOB 7 April 2021, HB 21-8617, sire Stenscholl Paddy, dam Camuscross Cruinneag

Camuscross Rob Roy
Camuscross Finn
Udder of Finn's dam

27 August, 2021 - John and Carys Harris, Gwynedd, Wales. Contact 

Du Bach Math, young red and white bull, DOB 30/01/2021. HB 21-8612. Sire Manod Llewelyn, dam St Tudwals Erin.
Du Bach Dewi, young black bull, DOB 02/02/2021.  HB 21-8613. Sire Manod Llewellyn, dam St Tudwals Cristyn.
Du Bach Math
Du Bach Math
Du Bach Math
Du Bach Dewi
Du Bach Dewi
Du Bach Dewi

23 August, 2021 - Ken Ansell, Gwynedd, Wales. Contact or phone 01758 780344

St Tudwals Brenda, black & white heifer, DOB 10/05/2021.  Sire Wild Meadows Charles, dam Hollington Lilac.
St Tudwals Gwyneth, black & white heifer, DOB 22/06/2021.  Sire Wild Meadows Charles, dam St Tudwals Faye.
St Tudwals Seren, mainly black heifer, DOB 07/06/2021.  Sire Wild Meadows Charles, dam Fearnag Breagha.
St Tudwals Emyr, black and white young bull, DOB 29/11/2020.  Sire Wild Meadows Charles, dam St Tudwals Bambina.
St Tudwals Gavin, black and white bull calf, DOB 27/02/2021.  Sir Wild Meadow Charles, dam Windgates Jewel.
St Tudwals Howell, black and white bull calf, DOB 02/03/2021.  Sire Wild Meadows Charles, dam High Tor Helleborine.

St Tudwals Brenda
St Tudwals Gwyneth
St Tudwals Seren

18 August, 2021 - Eva Tombs, Lismore, Argyll. Contact or phone 01631 760128

Carn Bhren Liam, black and white bull. Knocknagael bull line, DOB 30/5/2017. HB No17-7809. Sire Carn Bhren Irish, dam Ocraquoy Geirhilda. He has four black feet. He's certified organic and entirely grass fed

Liam has been with us for three years now and has been a good reliable bull.  He is short in the leg, very beefy and powerful, energetic and easy going. He's well loved by both the herd and us. We want to keep his daughters, so he will have to move on. He's only 4 years old, so has so many more calves left in him.
Liam's calves

16 August, 2021 - Sam Bull, Powys, Wales. Contact or 01691 829534

Drumlough Chloe, black & white cow, DOB 16/05/2013, HB  13-6674.  Sire St Trinians Balou, dam St Trinians Babs.  In calf to a Highland bull, due September.
Drumlough Darcy, black and white cow, DOB 20/01/2015, HB  15-7085.  Sire Carn Bhren Fionn, dam Drumlough Clara.  With Dexter bull calf, dob 9.6.21, at foot (shown in photo).

11 July, 2021 - Laura MacGregor, Central Scotland. Contact 07974 699181 by text in the first instance please.

Fleecefaulds Icarus, dun bull, DOB 22/5/2020. HB 20-8331. Sire Fleecefaulds Cupid (dun), dam Drumlough Isobel (brindle). Available to view Central Scotland.

Fleecefaulds Cupid, sire of Fleecefaulds Icarus
Drumlough Isobel, dam of Fleecefaulds Icarus

23 April, 2021 - Carol Gange, Isle of Wight. Contact 

Gurnardwight Albert, black and white bull calf, DOB 20/10/2020, HB 20-8395, sire Little Wyld Davidson, dam Little Wyld Dixie. Knocknagael bull line. 

20 March, 2021 - Claudia Weis, Hampshire. Contact or phone 01425 839844.

St Giles Afton, white with black bull calf, DOB 31/12/2020. HB no. 20-8464. Sire Garths Adonis, dam Tollesbury Wick Lilac. Available after weaning.


September, 2020 - Kate Sankey, Thornhill, near Stirling, Scotland. Contact or phone 07870 156502.

Rogiavi Hamelin, black and white bull, DOB 3/5/2017. HB 17-7721, UK-382355-400054. Sire Garths Adonis, dam Rogiavi Gladys. Quiet, good-natured bull.


29 June, 2021 - Maggy George, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Contact or phone 01558 650219

Emgee Rhodri, black & white bull calf with black feet, DOB 11/2/2021.  HB 21-8525, Sire St Tudwals Madoc, dam Whinpot Hildur.  Available on weaning.


11 July, 2021 - Tim Rose, Inverness, Scotland. Contact

Croic Bhein Brocair, black with white bull, DOB 18/3/2019. HB 19-8072. Sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam Papa Stour Voe. Good temperament. Available mid August. Photos include two of his calves.

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