This page is regularly updated with animals for sale and also animals wanted.

Animals For Sale

10 July, 2020 - Jakob and Ronnie Eunson, Uradale, Shetland. Contact or phone 07880 704606.

Ustaness Xana, black and white cow, DOB 24/4/2015. UK-524349-100378. HB 15-7225. Sire Collafirth Louis, dam Ustaness Lana. Steer calf at foot. 
Ustaness Xette, red and white cow, DOB 22/4/2015. UK-524349-600411.HB 15-7223. Sire Collafirth Louis, dam Ustaness Udette. Steer calf at foot.
Ustaness Yora, red and white cow, DOB 2/4/2016. UK-524349-600425. HB 16-7501. Sire Collafirth Louis, dam Ustaness Tura. Steer calf at foot.
Ustaness West, red and white cow, DOB 17/5/2014. UK-524349-100378. HB 14-7030. Sire Ustaness Quince, dam Ustaness Quest. Heifer calf at foot, sire Littlester Laurence.

All are running with the bull Littlester Laurence.

Ustaness Xana
Ustaness Xette
Ustaness Xette
Ustaness Yora
Ustaness West

9 July, 2020 - Lucy Norval, Rogart, Scotland. Contact or phone 07815 824262.

Ocraquoy Geirhilda, grey and white cow, DOB 9/4/2013, HB 14-6928. Sire Minarvi Ramsay, dam Ocraquoy Enya. Quiet gentle, milky cow, easy to manage. She has a Shorthorn heifer calf at foot. Option to take the calf too or just the cow.

Ocraquoy Geirhilda
Shorthorn X calf

5 July, 2020 - Catriona Benson, Welshpool, Powys. Contact or phone 07527 907433.

Hartons Mike, red and white bull, DOB 9/4/2018, HB 18-7848. Sire Tinkers Hill Gentleman, dam Broadacres Shiver. Calm nature, good worker. Easy to load. Has produced some lovely calves for us - some are joining our breeding herd, so he needs to move on.  BVD free herd.

Available mid August.

16 June, 2020 - Duane Hudson, Invergordon, Ross-shire, Scotland. Contact or phone 01862 842722 or mobile 07802 423318.

Boganbuie Bella, black with white heifer calf, DOB 8/5/2020. Sire Selbiehill Pedro, dam Carn Bhren Lif. Available at weaning.
Boganbuie Brienne, black with white heifer calf, DOB 2/5/2020. Sire Selbiehill Pedro, dam Carn Bhren Kali. Available at weaning.

Would swap for two Shetland steers.

Boganbuie Bella
Boganbuie Brienne

30 May, 2020 - Laurie Manson, Skeld, Bixter, Shetland. Contact or phone 07786 976963

Collafirth Tyson, black and white bull, DOB 17/7/2013, HB 13-6704. Sire Lyndthorpe Raymond, dam Collafirth Emma. Available from September. Very good natured and easy to handle. Can be overwintered if someone wants to use next year.

Collafirth Tyson

25 May, 2020 - Maggy George, Pumsaint, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Contact or phone 01558 650219.

Emgee Percival, black with white bull, DOB 8/2/2019, HB 19-8075. Sire Emgee Nigel, dam Wharncliffe Jaci. Easygoing bull whose first calves are due in October. Needing a new home due to relatedness in the herd.

Emgee Percival

11 May, 2020 - Andrew Paul, East Lothian, Scotland. Contact or phone 01368 830633.

Stackyard Caitie Dot, black and white heifer, DOB 2/6/2018, HB 18-7923, Sire North House Victor, dam Rosedean Victory 56. With heifer calf at foot, sire Garths Adonis. Born 4 June, 2020.

Caitie Dot and heifer calf.

14 April, 2020 - Sue Shadrick, Cornwall. Contact or phone 01288 361666.

Carn Bhren Lazarus, mainly black bull, DOB 2/3/2017, HB 17-7808. Sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam Carn Bhren Hester. Short stocky bull, calm quiet nature.

Lazarus, May 2019
Lazarus, May 2019


14 February, 2020 - John Maxwell, Applecross, Scotland. Contact, phone 07716 481573

Croic Bhein Brocair, black and white bull, DOB 18/3/2019, HB 19-8072, sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam Papa Stour Voe.

Brocair with Papa Stour Voe

Animals Wanted

9 July, 2020. Hannah MacIntosh, contact or phone 07875 321788

Looking for a 2019 heifer.