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Animals For Sale

26 May 2022  Contact Rob Wardle.  Email

  • 'Manod Gwenllian', heifer born 4/9/20 from Wild Meadows Charles and St Tudwals Dafina.

    Used to being handled, outwintered in Snowdonia on haylage, a good strong heifer with excellent bloodlines, ready for the bull. We're a smallholding welcoming visitors and groups and she's very used to being around people. TB 12 months and BVD clear. £550'  

26 May 2022 Contact Ken Ansell, Gwynedd.  Tel: 07831 841002  email:

  • St Tudwals Meredith, black with white. Heifer (HB 21-8672) d.o.b 15/08/2022.  Sire Wild Meadows Charles, dam Windgates Janis.

For sale as sire being kept in herd.  


 13 April 2022 - Contact: Ruth Dalton & Andrew Walter, Cumbria   Tel: 07880 584551  email:

  • Whinpot Darius - Young Shetland bull (HB 21-8662) d.o.b 23.04.21     s. Ustaness Xerxes d. Whinpot Redstart

 Bred for conformation and temperament, BVD tag- tested clear, TB4 area, nr Kendal, Cumbria.

 Photos of Darius recently outwintering in Cumbria,  and last October with his dam. Also photo of his sire and dam for reference.

7 April 2022 - Andrew Caton, FOR SALE - the following cows and heifers

Contact;  or phone 07484 658 940

  • St Tudwals Lowri, Female mainly black, dob 5/5/20, HB 20-8378.  Sire Wild Meadows Charles, dam St Tudwals Faye.
  • St Tudwals Bron, Female black & white, dob 11/4/17, HB 17-7734.  Sire Hollington Imperial, dam St Tudwals Faye.
  • St Tudwals Luned, Female black & white, dob 14/6/20, HB 20-8367.  Sire Wild Meadows Charles, dam St Tudwals Ffion.
  • St Tudwals Ffionn, Female black & white, dob 1/12/16, HB 17-7731.  Sire Hollington Imperial, dam St Tudwals Faye.
  • St Tudwals Arwen, Female red & white, dob 27/4/20, HB 20-8366.  Sire Wild Meadows Charles, dam St Tudwals Bron.


6 February, 2022 - Claudia Weis, Hampshire. Contact or phone 01425 839844.

  • St Giles Afton, white with black bull, DOB 31/12/2020. HB no. 20-8464. Sire Garths Adonis, dam Tollesbury Wick Lilac. Well-grown and very good-natured.

2 February, 2022 - John Everall-Pettersen, Crewe, Cheshire. Contact or phone 07989 946784

Bluestone Dave, red and white young bull, DOB 3/7/2021, HB No. 21-8589, Sire Hartons Mike, dam Bluestone Cathy. Lovely good-natured bull, lives out.

7 January, 2022 - John Maxwell. Contact or phone 07378 772171

Shetland steer, DOB 28/5/2021, sire Letham Lamgarth, dam Blackmyre Bonnie.

3 November, 2021 - Sydney Johnson, Shetland. Contact 07900 386504

Collafirth Roland, white and grey bull, DOB 14/8/2017. HB 17-7696. Sire Renwick Renoir, dam Carn Bhren Irsa. Quiet bull, coming back onto his daughters so needs a new home.

16 September, 2021 - Philip Martin, Beaworthy, Devon. Contact 

Painshill Georgie Porgy, red bull, DOB 27/3/2019, HB 19-8101. Sire Oxmoor Don Carr, dam Painshill Bo Peep. 
He has done two seasons with us and it's time to move on. He has won two rosettes in the two online shows, this year runner up in the mature bull class.


18 August, 2021 - Eva Tombs, Lismore, Argyll. Contact or phone 01631 760128

Carn Bhren Liam, black and white bull. Knocknagael bull line, DOB 30/5/2017. HB No17-7809. Sire Carn Bhren Irish, dam Ocraquoy Geirhilda. He has four black feet. He's certified organic and entirely grass fed

Liam has been with us for three years now and has been a good reliable bull.  He is short in the leg, very beefy and powerful, energetic and easy going. He's well loved by both the herd and us. We want to keep his daughters, so he will have to move on. He's only 4 years old, so has so many more calves left in him.
Liam's calves


27 September, 2021 - Neil Pilcher, Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust. Contact or phone 07740 487096

High Tor Butterbur, black and white heifer calf, DOB 28/3/2021, HB 21-8631. Sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam High Tor Milfoil
High Tor Bistort, mostly black heifer calf, DOB 28/3/2021, HB 21-8630. Sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam High Tor Barberry
High Tor Figwort, mostly black heifer calf, DOB 30/3/2021, HB 21-8628. Sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam High Tor Burdock
High Tor Fennel, black and white heifer calf, DOB 3/4/2021, HB 21-8627. Sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam High Tor Feverfew
High Tor Scabious, black heifer calf, DOB 5/4/2021, HB 21-8626. Sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam High Tor Purslane
High Tor Vetchling, black and white heifer calf, DOB 17/4/2021. HB 21-8624. Sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam High Tor Rowan
High Tor Woad, mostly black heifer calf, DOB 2/6/2021, HB 21-8623. Sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam High Tor Squinancywort
High Tor Loosestrife, black heifer calf, DOB 4/6/2021, HB 21-8622. Sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam High Tor Sneezewort

We would like them to be sold and off the holding by the 12th Nov so that they are still within their 60 day TB test period and therefore won’t require an additional pre-movement test.

High Tor Butterbur
High Tor Bistort
High Tor Figwort
High Tor Fennel
High Tor Scabious
High Tor Vetchling
High Tor Woad
High Tor Loosestrife


8 September, 2021 - John Maxwell, Applecross, Scotland. Contact or phone 01520 755378.

Ustaness Clett, mainly black heifer, DOB 20/5/2020, HB 20-8368, Sire Littlester Laurence, dam Ustaness Rette.


27 September, 2021 - Laurie Manson, Shetland. Contact, or phone 07786 976963

Hjem Lexa, blue and white heifer, DOB 25/2/2020, HB 20-8308. Sire Collafirth Odin, dam Geldron Aaber. Lexa calved at 15 months old. She is in calf to Minarvi Andy.


Animals Wanted


House Cow for hand milking and breeding 

I am looking for EITHER a heifer in calf with calf at foot, who is already accustomed to being milked, but is looking for a new home. 


 A pair of docile younger cows that I can train up to be house cows. 

 Prefer these to come from Scotland/area with no TB; will not be ready for them until Autumn.

01465 861157 Beth McDowell