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Animals For Sale

16 November, 2018 - Willie Forbes, near Inverness, Scotland. Contact or 01808 521463, or 07739 461560

Ustaness Petra, mainly black cow, DOB 12/07/2007, HB 07-5567. Scanned by vet and confirmed in calf to red bull Ustaness Xerxes, due end March/early April 2019. Good natured cow, comes readily to the bucket. Partially de-horned. Price will reflect age. 

Will also consider selling in-calf heifer Claddach Nell, DOB 6/4/2017, dam Ustaness Udette, sire Collafirth Louis, for company for Petra if interested. Due to calve same time as Petra and to same bull. 

Ustaness Petra
Ustaness Petra
Ustaness Petra
Claddach Nell
Claddach Nell

11 November, 2018 - Tommy and Mary Isbister, Trondra, Shetland. Contact

Trondra Minerva, mainly black heifer calf, DOB 10/6/2018, sire Collafirth Louis, dam Trondra Ola
Trondra Lydia, black and white heifer calf, DOB 26/4/2018, sire Collafirth Louis, dam Trondra Kora
Trondra Sandra, mainly black heifer calf, DOB 27/4/2018, sire Collafirth Louis, dam Trondra Camilla

Trondra Bond, black and white bull calf, DOB 10/5/2018, sire Collafirth Louis, dam Trondra Dorina

Bull calf, Trondra Bond, foreground, Trondra Lydia, background
Trondra Minerva, left, Trondra Lydia, right

12 October, 2018 - Julia Lewis, near Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire. Contact:

Auchlethen Isla, mainly black heifer calf, DOB 27/9/2018. Sire Glachbeg The Laird, dam Trondra Daala. Available to reserve until weaning next spring.

Trondra Daala and Auchlethen Isla
Auchlethen Isla

29 September, 2018 - John Ramsay has the following for sale, near Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire. Contact or 07742 572796

  • Carn Bhren Isak, black bull, DOB 10/6/2014, HB 14-6865, good-looking, smaller, traditional type of bull. Very quiet.
Carn Bhren Isak

29 September, 2018. Kay Carr, Fife. Contact: or 01334 840814.

Ustaness Udette, mainly black cow, DOB 6/4/2012, HB 12-6629. Sire Ustaness Quince, dam Ustaness Odette. In calf to red bull Ustaness Xerxes. Can hand feed and halter. Good nature.

Part of Premier cattle health scheme.

Ustaness Udette
Ustaness Udette
Ustaness Udette

17 September, 2018. Jeff Nichols, South Ayrshire. Contact:

Trondra Hilda, sound, strong black and white cow, DOB 6/4/2006, HB 06-5195. Sire Benston Gideon, dam Trondra Rhona. Hilda was flushed for embryos and she has two progeny in Australia.

Carn Bhren Gaia, mainly black cow, DOB 10/5/2012, HB 12-6491. Sire Gillarunna Innes, dam Trondra Hilda.

Trondra Hilda
Trondra Hilda
Carn Bhren Gaia
Carn Bhren Gaia
Carn Bhren Gaia

15 September, 2018. Niall O'Kane, Carn Tochair herd, N. Ireland. Contact Phone 07801 105536

Black and white heifer, 15 months old. Sire Carn Bhren Fionn, dam Ustaness Nina.

Black and white heifer, 15 months old. Sire Carn Bhren Fionn, dam Montiaghs Angelica.

Black and white heifer, 15 months old. Sire Carn Bhren Fionn, dam Montiaghs Anna.

Black and white heifer, 4 months old, Sire Carn Bhren Fionn, dam Montiaghs Anna.

31 August, 2018. Gary Pettersen, Cheshire. Contact: or 07989 946784

St Tudwals Arwel, proven, mostly black bull. DOB 22/5/2016, HB 16-7452. Sire Hollington Imperial, dam St Tudwals Ariana.

Bull calf, DOB 19/8/2018. Sire St Tudwals Arwel, dam Wharncliffe Jura. Can register if required.

Photos available on request.

3 June, 2018 - Scottish Wildlife Trust, Perthshire. Contact Laura MacGregor 07974 699181

St Trinians Balou, brindle bull, DOB 14/3/2007. Sire St Trinians Red Tiger, dam St Trinians Red Belle. Large, strong, exceptionally placid and easily managed bull who leaves strong square placid calves. Available late 2018. Photos can be seen in the Semen Store.

Fleecefaulds Charlotte, red cow, DOB 13/6/2014, quiet, comes to the bucket. Sire Trondra Rudy, dam Carn Bhren Giulietta Simionato. Large chunky red bull calf at foot, sire Fleecefaulds Cupid. Can be castrated if requested.

Fleecefaulds Charlotte with bull calf sired by Fleecefaulds Cupid
St Trinians Balou
St Trinians Balou

19 May, 2018 - Gordon Fisher, Inverness-shire, contact will have for sale in October:

Renwick Renoir, grey bull, DOB 21/6/2014, Sire St. Trinians Masse Kos, dam Renwick Tweedldee. Very quiet and easy to manage. Photos can be seen in Semen Store on the home page.

Animals Wanted

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