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Animals For Sale

30 May, 2020 - Laurie Manson, Skeld, Bixter, Shetland. Contact or phone 07786 976963

Collafirth Tyson, black and white bull, DOB 17/7/2013, HB 13-6704. Sire Lyndthorpe Raymond, dam Collafirth Emma. Available from September. Very good natured and easy to handle. Can be overwintered if someone wants to use next year.
Hjem heifer calf (new owner can choose name), black and white, DOB 25/2/2020. Sire Collafirth Odin (brindle), dam Geldron Aaber.

Collafirth Tyson

25 May, 2020 - Maggy George, Pumsaint, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Contact or phone 01558 650219.

Emgee Percival, black with white bull, DOB 8/2/2019, HB 19-8075. Sire Emgee Nigel, dam Wharncliffe Jaci. Easygoing bull whose first calves are due in October. Needing a new home due to relatedness in the herd.

Emgee Percival

24 May, 2020 - Louise Dempster, Kirkudbright, Dumfries and Galloway. Contact or phone 07880 908603.

Mountainblaw Julia, grey and white heifer, DOB 24/7/2019, HB 19-8203. Sire Glachbeg Casper, dam Mountainblaw Bella.

Mountainblaw Julia
Mountainblaw Julia
Glachbeg Casper, sire of Mountainblaw Julia

19 May, 2020 - Mary Isbister, Trondra, Shetland. Contact or phone 01595 880430.

Trondra Lowra, mainly black bulling heifer, DOB 28/4/2019, HB 19-8140. Sire Collafirth Hamish, dam Trondra Dorina. Lowra is Dorina's 15th calf and only her second heifer.
Trondra Greta, mainly black bulling heifer, DOB 28/4/2019, HB 19-8141. Sire Collafirth Hamish, dam Trondra Kaila.

Quiet, well-handled heifers.

Trondra Lowra and Trondra Greta

14 May, 2020 - Sophie Bryce, Turriff, Aberdeenshire. Contact or phone 07745 086760

Balearn Beany, mostly black heifer, DOB 23/6/2017, HB 18-7827. Sire Carn Bhren Isak, dam Carn Bhren Maria Callas. Quiet friendly heifer. In calf to Carn Bhren James, due October.
Balearn Ebony, black heifer, DOB 3/8/2018, HB 18-7885. Sire Carn Bhren Isak, dam Trondra Langa. Quiet friendly heifer. In calf to Carn Bhren James, due October.
Charmfield Agnes, black heifer, DOB 12/7/2019, HB 19-8099. Sire Carn Bhren Isak, dam Trondra Langa. Quiet friendly heifer.

Balearn Beany
Balearn Ebony
Balearn Beany
Charmfield Agnes

11 May, 2020 - Andrew Paul, East Lothian, Scotland. Contact or phone 01368 830633.

Stackyard Caitie Dot, black and white heifer, DOB 2/6/2018, HB 18-7923, Sire North House Victor, dam Rosedean Victory 56.
In calf to Garths Adonis, due 1 June. Available after calving, with calf at foot. Quiet and will take food from your hand.

14 April, 2020 - Sue Shadrick, Cornwall. Contact or phone 01288 361666.

Carn Bhren Lazarus, mainly black bull, DOB 2/3/2017, HB 17-7808. Sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam Carn Bhren Hester. Short stocky bull, calm quiet nature.

Lazarus, May 2019
Lazarus, May 2019


4 March, 2020 - Linda Stewart, Haddington, East Lothian. Contact or phone 07779 658190, or contact via Facebook.

Bearford Dollar, red and white cow, DOB 30/06/2016. Sire St Trinians Lucky Seven, dam Bearford Penny
Letham Lunnar, red and white bulling heifer, DOB 28/04/2019. Sire Boquhapple Kelvingrove, dam Bearford Dollar
Mother and daughter, to be sold together. Both BVD clear.
Dollar and Lunnar
Lunnar and Dollar

14 February, 2020 - John Maxwell, Sywell, Northamptonshire. Contact, phone 07716 481573

Croic Bhein Brocair, black and white bull, DOB 18/3/2019, HB 19-8072, sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam Papa Stour Voe.

Brocair with Papa Stour Voe

17 May, 2020 - Fred Parsons, Bridport, Dorset. Contact or 07720615698

Carn Bhren Guga, black with white bull, DOB 5/7/2012. Herd book No: 12-6494. Dam: Boquhapple Bunting, sire: Gillarunna Innes. 
This bull has a good temperament and is a real gent around his ladies. He is the traditional short legged type. We are looking for a good home for this fellow, price is not so important. He is 100% accurate every time, T.B clear. We can help with haulage if needed.


Carn Bhren Guga
Carn Bhren Guga
Carn Bhren Guga
Carn Bhren Guga


5 May, 2020 - Lucy Norval, Rogart, Sutherland, Scotland. Contact or phone 07815 824262.

Fleet Eiden, black with white heifer, DOB 9/5/2019, HB 19-8162, sire Rogiavi Hamelin, dam Ustaness Tomasina.

Fleet Eiden
Fleet Eiden


9 May, 2020 - Jane Worthington, Cockermouth, Cumbria. Contact or phone 01900 85210

Hollins Francis, B&W heifer, DOB 6/5/2018, HB 18-7870, Sire Windgates Gingernut, dam Littlester Moira
Hollins Brigid, B&W heifer, DOB 1/2/2018, HB 18-7868, Sire Wingates Gingernut, dam Hollins Rose

Both are quiet and easily handled.

Hollins Francis
Hollins Brigid
Hollins Brigid
Hollins Francis


14 May, 2020 - Julia Lewis, near Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire. Contact:

Auchlethen Isla, mainly black heifer, DOB 27/9/2018. Sire Glachbeg The Laird, dam Trondra Daala. 

Auchlethen Isla
Auchlethen Isla
Auchlethen Isla


13 May, 2020 - Bob Bull, Black Isle, Inverness. Contact or phone 07720 046107.

Glachbeg Guinevere, black with white heifer, DOB 16/5/2019, HB 19-8228, Sire Trondra Arrow, dam Glachbeg Carrigan. Quiet, gentle heifer.

Glachbeg Guinevere

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