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Animals For Sale

2 January, 2020 - Gordon Fisher, Clunes, near Inverness. Contact 07845 960538 or email

Clunes Lexi Grey and white heifer calf, DOB 3/8/2019, HB 19-8122, sire Renwick Renoir, dam Clunes Freyja. Available at weaning February, 2020.

Clunes Lexi
Clunes Lexi
Clunes Lexi

6 October, 2019 - Lisa Ramsay, Whitecairns, Aberdeen. Contact or phone 07583 955964

Whitehills Calleigh, black and white heifer calf, DOB 17/05/19, HB 19-8105. Sire Balearn Ruben, dam Auchlethen Eloise.
Whitehills Connie, red and white heifer calf, DOB 30/05/19, HB 19-8106. Sire Balearn Ruben, dam Whitehills Amy.


Whitehills Connie
Whitehills Calleigh

1 July, 2019 - Tommy and Mary Isbister, Trondra, Shetland. Contact

Trondra Lydia, black and white heifer calf, DOB 26/4/2018, sire Collafirth Louis, dam Trondra Kora

Bull calf, Trondra Bond, foreground, Trondra Lydia, background
Trondra Minerva, left, Trondra Lydia, right

1 July, 2019 - Julia Lewis, near Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire. Contact:

Auchlethen Isla, mainly black heifer calf, DOB 27/9/2018. Sire Glachbeg The Laird, dam Trondra Daala. 

Trondra Daala and Auchlethen Isla
Auchlethen Isla

9 June, 2019 - John Maxwell, Sywell, Northamptonshire. Contact, phone 07716 481573

For hire or for sale, Carn Bhren Inuus, brown bull, DOB 31/8/2014, HB 14-6878, sire St Trinians Balou, dam Jeromane Constance. Good natured and has left brindle calves.

Carn Bhren Inuus

21 May, 2019 - Sean Devlin, Painshill, near Cobham, Surrey. Phone 07795 344390.

Larchfield Miss Muffet, red and white cow, DOB 1/9/2013, HB 13-6773. Sire Boquhapple Kelvingrove, dam Holtside Oaks Willow
Larchfield Lucy Locket, black and white cow, DOB 5/8/2013, HB 13-6771. Sire Boquhapple Kelvingrove, dam Larchfield Willow
Oxmoor Scarlett, black and white cow, DOB 17/2/2016, HB 16-7376. Sire Blazefield Beano, dam Rowland Olympian
Painshill Jill, red and white heifer with a perfect heart on her forehead, DOB 22/11/2017. Sire Oxmoor Donn Carr, dam Larchfield Miss Muffet

All cattle tested BVD negative.

Oxmoor Donn Carr
Oxmoor Donn Carr
Larchfield Miss Muffet
Painshill Jill
Painshill Jill
Larchfield Lucy Locket
Oxmoor Scarlett

17 May, 2019 - Fred Parsons, Bridport, Dorset. Contact or 07720615698

Carn Bhren Guga, black with white bull, DOB 5/7/2012. Herd book No: 12-6494. Dam: Boquhapple Bunting, sire: Gillarunna Innes. 
This bull has a good temperament and is a real gent around his ladies. He is the traditional short legged type. We are looking for a good home for this fellow, price is not so important. He is 100% accurate every time, T.B clear. We can help with haulage if needed.


Carn Bhren Guga
Carn Bhren Guga
Carn Bhren Guga
Carn Bhren Guga

29 March, 2019 - Janet and Thomas Ross, Lybster, Scotland. Contact or 01593 721389

Knockinnon Elfin, smart black with white cow, HB no. 15-7263, DOB 6/8/2015, sire Whinpot Kung, dam Trondra Mikala.


28 September, 2019 - Pam Williamson, Vidlin, Shetland. Contact 01806 577287 or 07786 675696

Collafirth Hamish, black bull, DOB 1/3/2017, HB 17-7693, Sire Ocraquoy Haldor, dam Collafirth Babbie. Hamish is very quiet and was haltered as a calf. He won best Shetland Calf at both the Voe and Cunningsburgh shows. His dam has been Shetland Cattle Champion 3 times at the Cunningsburgh show and Supreme Cattle Shampion twice. She was Overall Livestock Champion at the Voe show this year.


24 September, 2019 - Gordon Fisher, Kirkhill, Inverness. Contact or phone 01463 831540, or 07845 960538

2 Shetland bullocks, born April 2019
1 3/4 Shetland, 1/4 Simmental heifer, born May 2019

Heifer calf
Red heifer calf and two bullocks
Heifer calf


29 August, 2019 - Paddy Zakaria, Contact

Carn Bhren James, black and white bull, HB no. 15-7102, DOB 3/6/2015, sire Carn Bhren Gigolo, dam Carn Bhren Hester. James is located in Cumbria.


9 June, 2019 - Kate Sankey, Thornhill nr. Stirling, Scotland. Phone 01786 850428 or 07870 156502 or

Boquhapple Quinag, black and white cow, DOB 10/05/15, sire Boquhapple Kelvingrove, dam Boquhapple Orla, with heifer calf at foot, born 29/5/2019, sired by Carn Bhren Liam.
Boquhapple Rocket, red and white cow, DOB 8/5/2016, HB 16-7328, sire Boquhapple Kelvingrove, dam Boquhapple Myrtle. In calf to Carn Bhren Liam.
Boquhapple Urtica, red and white heifer calf, DOB 4/6/2019, sire, Carn Bhren Liam, dam Boquhapple Myrtle
2019 bullocks

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