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Animals For Sale

8 October, 2020 - Kevin Hay, Aith, Shetland. Phone 07957 936880

Collafirth Odin, brindle bull, DOB 12/3/2016, HB 16-7400, UK-524324-700278. Sire St Trinians Balou, dam Collafirth Flecka. Quiet, good natured bull.

12 September, 2020 - Kate Sankey, Thornhill, near Stirling, Scotland. Contact or phone 07870 156502.

Rogiavi Hamelin, black and white bull, DOB 3/5/2017. HB 17-7721, UK-382355-400054. Sire Garths Adonis, dam Rogiavi Gladys. Quiet, good-natured bull.

1 August, 2020 - Donald Macaskill, Lewis, Scotland. Contact or phone 07917 727202

Fleet Elvys, black and white bull, DOB 8/4/2019, HB 19-8160. Sire Rogiavi Hamelin, dam Carn Bhren Kristen. Quiet, well-behaved bull.

14 April, 2020 - Sue Shadrick, Cornwall. Contact or phone 01288 361666.

Carn Bhren Lazarus, mainly black bull, DOB 2/3/2017, HB 17-7808. Sire Carn Bhren Inuus, dam Carn Bhren Hester. Short stocky bull, calm quiet nature.

Lazarus, May 2019
Lazarus, May 2019


20 July, 2020 - Laura MacGregor, Perthshire, Scotland. Contact 07974 699181, text preferred.

Fleecefaulds Cupid, dun bull, DOB 5/7/2014, HB 14-6924, UK-544517-100016. Sire Trondra Rudy, dam Beadies Cracker. Both parents brought down from Shetland. Quiet and easily managed.

Fleecefaulds Cupid


14 August, 2020 - Gavin Parsons, Camuscross, Isle of Skye. Contact or 01471 833274.

Stenscholl Paddy, red and white bull, DOB 30 May 2016 HB 16-7507 sire Carn Bhren Irish, dam Broadacres Zoe. Good natured bull, but we’ve kept two of his daughters for breeding, so he needs to go somewhere else.

Stenscholl Paddy


20 July, 2020 - Andrew Paul, East Lothian, Scotland. Contact or phone 01368 830633.

Stackyard Erik, black and white bull calf, DOB 9/6/2020, UK-565319-600010. Sire St Trinians Mansie, dam Stackyard Clarabelle. Available at weaning.

Stackyard Erik
Stackyard Erik and Stackyard Clarabelle


28 July, 2020 - Laurie Manson, Shetland. Contact or phone 07786 976963

Hjem Rita, grey/blue and white heifer calf, DOB 7/5/2020, UK-524348-400295. Sire Collafirth Tyson, dam Fleecefaulds Arnora.
Hjem Lexa, grey/blue and white heifer calf, DOB 25/2/2020, UK-524348-500282. Sire Collafirth Tyson, dam Geldron Aaber.
Hjem Holyfield, black and white bull calf, DOB 26/2/2020, UK-524348-700284. Sire Collafirth Tyson, dam Trondra Christina.

Hjem Rita and Fleecefaulds Arnora
Hjem Lexa
Hjem Lexa
Hjem Holyfield
Hjem Holyfield and Trondra Christina

Animals Wanted

No animals currently wanted.