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Animals For Sale

6 April, 2021 - Duane Hudson, Invergordon, Scotland. Contact or phone 01862 842722, or 07802 423318.

Boganbuie Caesar, black and white bull calf. DOB 29/3/2021. Sire Carn Bhren James, dam Carn Bhren Kali. Available at weaning.

20 March, 2021 - Claudia Weis, Hampshire. Contact or phone 01425 839844.

St Giles Afton, white with black bull calf, DOB 31/12/2020. HB no. 20-8464. Sire Garths Adonis, dam Tollesbury Wick Lilac. Available after weaning.

12 March, 2021 - Sue Barrett, Kidderminster, Worcestershire. Contact or phone 01299 513211.

Little Detton Bertie, black and white bull calf. DOB 12/2/2021. Sire Trondra Arrow, dam Boltstone Bright Moon. Eye-catching, well-bred calf, available at weaning.

18 February, 2021 - Adam Duncan, Shetland. Contact or phone 07432 533129.

Collafirth Hamish, black bull, DOB 1/3/2017, HB 17-7693, Sire Ocraquoy Haldor, dam Collafirth Babbie.

Hjem Holyfield, black and white bull, DOB 26/2/2020, HB 20-8311, Sire Collafirth Tyson, dam Trondra Christina

12 September, 2020 - Kate Sankey, Thornhill, near Stirling, Scotland. Contact or phone 07870 156502.

Rogiavi Hamelin, black and white bull, DOB 3/5/2017. HB 17-7721, UK-382355-400054. Sire Garths Adonis, dam Rogiavi Gladys. Quiet, good-natured bull.


1 August, 2020 - Donald Macaskill, Lewis, Scotland. Contact or phone 07917 727202

Fleet Elvys, black and white bull, DOB 8/4/2019, HB 19-8160. Sire Rogiavi Hamelin, dam Carn Bhren Kristen. Quiet, well-behaved bull.


25 November, 2020 - Steve Sankey, Orkney. Contact or phone 01856 831240 mobile 077 3000 4911

Gerraquoy Nott, black cow, DOB 2/6/2012, HB 12-6575, UK-524035-700043. Sire Gerraquoy Iolo, dam Lorne Bonnie 11.
Gerraquoy Osk, black and white cow, DOB 31/12/2013, HB 13-6778, UK-524035-100044. Sire Gerraquoy Iolo, dam Lorne Bonnie 11.
Gerraquoy Pauline, grey cow, DOB 7/11/2015. HB 15-7258. UK-524035-200045. Sire Geldron Aert, dam Gerraquoy Osk.

Available after 1 January, 2021 but could be kept over winter and available in March or April.
Gerraquoy Osk and Gerraquoy Pauline must be sold together, and ideally all three. Nott calved this year, Osk calved last in 2015, Pauline hasn't calved yet. All in good health if a little fat now but will slim down over winter.

Three cows
Gerraquoy Pauline
Gerraquoy Osk
Gerraquoy Nott


2 January, 2021 - Lisa Ramsay, Aberdeen, Scotland. Contact or phone 07583 955964

Whitehills Daisy, black and white heifer calf, DOB 15/5/2020, HB 20-8380. Sire Balearn Ruben, dam Auchlethen Eloise. She has a fantastic nature and will happily stand for a scratch. She’ll also come to a bucket making her easy to move about. Located close to Aberdeen harbour and Thainstone Mart so can easily meet up with hauliers.

Balearn Ruben
Auchlethen Eloise and Whitehills Daisy


8 January, 2021 - Helen Muir, National Trust, Wimpole Estate, Cambridgeshire. Contact or phone 01954 230527.

Greenoak Neo, red bull, DOB 1/11/2013. HB 14-6839. Sire Boquhapple Kelvingrove, dam Greenoak Circe. Good natured bull, consistently good progeny, thrown in various colours. Now needs to move on to develop a new herd. For sale or exchange. Ideally looking for a red/blue bull to evolve herd colourings.


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