Calf Registrations


All entries when lodged become the property of the Society and are received subject to the decision of the Society.

Registrations may be made on-line by members through My Account. If births are notified this way the relevant fee should be sent to the Secretary, with a note identifying what it is for. It is not necessary to send a registration form as well. 

Calves will not be put in the database, nor Registration Certificates issued, until the fee has been received.


  1. A Birth Notification Form is automatically sent out to all paid-up members for those who do not wish to notify births on-line. Members can also download the Birth Notification Form here.
  2. Births may be registered any time between January and December of the year of birth, but MUST be registered before 31st January the following year, accompanied by the appropriate registration fee.
    1. Members - £7.50 per calf
    2. Non-members £30.00 for the first calf registered and £10 per calf thereafter.
  3. The Herd Book will be published and sent to all paid-up members of the relevant year. Additional copies may be purchased from the Secretary at £10 per book. Back issues of most years are available.
  4. Any member requiring an extended pedigree will be issued one on request, at a cost of £5.
  5. When a member acquires a new animal the Registration Certificate should be returned to the Secretary with the change of ownership details completed on the reverse side and a fee of £2.50 for the issuing of a new certificate. Registration certificates should be passed to new owners at the time of sale. A lost certificate will be replaced at a cost of £2.50.

Identity of Animals

  1. Prefix and Name
    All animals registered must have both.
    1. Prefix
      The exclusive use of a PREFIX (not an Affix) must be approved by and registered with the Society. There is no charge for this service.
    2. Name
      The NAME following the prefix is given by the owner and once registered cannot be changed or used again.
  2. Ear Number
    All animals must have their official Ear Number which is made from the NATIONAL HERD NO. plus ANIMAL NO.
    1. National Herd Number
      Herd Numbers are made up with a UK followed by six digits.
    2. Animal Number
      Six digits.

If registering by mail, please send the completed Birth Notification Form and fee to:

The Secretary 
Shetland Cattle Herd Book Society 
Shetland Rural Centre
Shetland Isles ZE1 0NA