Benefits of membership of SCHBS

By becoming a member of SCHBS you will be joining a discerning group of people who love, respect and nurture Shetland's ancient and unique native cow and who work to assure her continuing place in the fabric of crofting and farming in the British Isles. Whether you are a cattle owner or not, the Society welcomes you if you have an interest in this native breed and wish to support its sustainability and the breeders who endeavour to maintain the beauty and characteristics of this wonderful little hardy animal. A breed from the past, with a place in the future.

Membership entitles you to register your calves at the reduced rate of £7.50 per calf and to receive an annual copy of the Herd Book.

You will also receive the Newsletter, “Shaarg” (Shetland for "nagging"!), which is circulated to members when there are reminders, announcements or important items of news.

Membership also entitles you to access the "My Account" feature on the SCHBS website, where you can notify births of your calves, view all animals that are registered in your name and search for herd prefixes and details of other members.

Assistance or advice on any matters to do with the cattle or the Society is available from the Secretary, Mrs Evelyn Leask, whose contact details appear under The Society tab on the Home Page. Evelyn may also put you in touch with Management Committee members and other experienced breeders in Shetland and on the mainland, for further help and support if required. She will also help you to source cattle if you are looking to purchase.

Those members wishing to visit Shetland to meet the breeders of the old herds or to see the Shetland cow in her native environment will find a warm welcome from the President and the Management Committee, several of whom have herds whose prefixes go back to the early days of the Herd Book. On a trip to the Shetland Isles old cattle management systems can be observed and lucky visitors may get the chance to sample some of the variety of traditional produce made from the milk of Shetland cows, depending on who may be milking at the time. Shetland hospitality is legendary and SCHBS members who wish to see the cattle in their island home will find a special welcome.

Membership fees:

  • Annual Membership - £20
  • Lifetime Membership - £300

To apply for membership please download our Membership Form, and return the completed and signed form, with the membership fee, to:

Shetland Cattle Herd Book Society
Shetland Rural Centre
Shetland Isles